having sex in a jeep, or any car.
yo woman, you been jeepin' behind my back?

girl 1: whata re you doing this weekend?
girl 2: jasper and I are going jeeping.
by cait1234567890 May 14, 2007
Top Definition
Fourwheeling in a jeep
You goin Jeeping this afternoon?
by T22 June 29, 2007
(v.) The act of ingesting laxatives and constraining fecal matter to the point directly before expulsion; then engaging in anal intercourse allowing the feces to scatter about.
After a long afternoon of Jeeping, Matthew and Arthur had to throw away their linens.
by Sarah C. Brown May 16, 2011
Typically a scenario when there are two couples on a date and a fifth 'wheel' joins the group. While the couples carry on and keep the date rolling forward, the fifth wheel sits on the back of the group and gives no real contribution to the progression of the evening.
Guy #1: Dude, why was Mike so pissed all night when we went out?
Guy #2: He was just annoyed that he was jeeping with us the whole time.
by MalikZaday November 17, 2015
The act of ribbing JeeP Bedard (Canadian Guitarist) about how he looked like Gino Vanelli when he was younger.
I was just JeeP-ing again ..... I sent JeeP the music video of Gino singing Macalusa , I mean Appalossa , and told him to dye his grey hair dark brown again. LOL
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso March 29, 2013
When one sells an item so they can later purchase a Jeep.
Hey Simon! I'm jeeping those Cd's you lent me.
by Samward April 24, 2006
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