When one sells an item so they can later purchase a Jeep.
Hey Simon! I'm jeeping those Cd's you lent me.
by Samward April 24, 2006
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Fourwheeling in a jeep
You goin Jeeping this afternoon?
by T22 June 29, 2007
(v.) The act of ingesting laxatives and constraining fecal matter to the point directly before expulsion; then engaging in anal intercourse allowing the feces to scatter about.
After a long afternoon of Jeeping, Matthew and Arthur had to throw away their linens.
by Sarah C. Brown May 16, 2011
having sex in a jeep, or any car.
yo woman, you been jeepin' behind my back?

girl 1: whata re you doing this weekend?
girl 2: jasper and I are going jeeping.
by cait1234567890 May 14, 2007
The act of ribbing JeeP Bedard (Canadian Guitarist) about how he looked like Gino Vanelli when he was younger.
I was just JeeP-ing again ..... I sent JeeP the music video of Gino singing Macalusa , I mean Appalossa , and told him to dye his grey hair dark brown again. LOL
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso March 29, 2013

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