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Used as an "ism." Often used to express reactions to unbelievably stupid, random, or anything else worthy of saying Jeekus Lou, because hey, even if it doesn't make sense it still sounds cool.

Also, Jeekus is Jesus, and Lou is his mechanic. And Cal Poly Owns UCSB. That is all
Jeekus Lou Tim! I can't believe you did that to Amanda!

Jeekus Lou Tim! You are so corny!

Tim, Jeekus Lou!
by Tim May 10, 2004
1. euphamism for unbelievability
2. an expression substitued for cussing
3. a word used in exasperation
1. "Jeekus lou, did you see how big that fish was?!"
2. "Jeekus lou that really hurt."
3. Jon, "did you know that the sky is blue?"
Kay,"jeekus lou jon, I think everybody knows that."
by cbarr May 10, 2004

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