Jedi - A term used for a coupon friendly cashier. They will glady accept coupons, push through all beeping coupons and happily hand out rainchecks . They are usually young men and young women. You will rarely get an old or middle aged Jedi.
Ex- I bought the right items for my coupon but they came up item not found. I am glad that I found a Jedi to push them through.

I have a hand full of coupons I need to profile the cashiers to find a Jedi!
by couponlady April 09, 2011
adj. meaning an impressive acrobatic skill.
-Did you see that guy do a backflip?
-Yah it was so jedi!
by The Cat's Pyjamaz August 24, 2008
jedi are at the top of the fighter hierarchy.

they beat pirates (only by a little) and ninja (by a whole lot)

the hierarchy is as follows:

dude, that jedi just saved that pirate from that disgusting ninja
by Andrea Lynn May 16, 2007
A term used within the transient hippie community to refer to someone who is above it all, in the know, or heady.
Sorry, only Jedi can know where we sleep at night.
by Walking Tab of Acid January 01, 2011
the term used to ask other friends if there stoned, or under the influence of marijuana while in front of parents or higher authority.
Friend1: sup dude
Friend2: sup, damnnn dawg you look all jedi

Friend1: haahaa
by Stoned Jesus420 August 27, 2010
Adj - To drop acid, eat shrooms, and pop ecstasy at the same time. An absolute incredible time. Proves that you are indeed a professional druggie.
John: Dude, so you guys guna get that acid soon?
Blake: What if you eat shrooms?
John: That'd be fun
Blake: And take a quad stack exo?!
John: nah dude i can get you pure MDMA
Matt: Whats that called again?
John: Jedi dude!
by TXstoner38 September 01, 2009
1.a powerful bean of substancial importane.
Sahara is a dessert of many jedis'
by jedispoon23 April 10, 2008

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