A term used to describe an Indian, Pakistani, or other desi. Commonly used in the UK where "brown" is considered politically incorrect.
Julie: Hey Pooja, who was that brown guy I saw you with yesterday?

Pooja: Excuse me?! You should refer to Indians as Jedi, not brown!
by KshitijSingh March 08, 2011
JEDI is a Hebrew male name meaning "beloved by God" It is a variant of the Hebrew name Jedidiah found in The Bible in 2Samuel 12:25 - Jedidiah was King Solomon's name from God.
Jedi is a male name, a form of Jedidiah. It's Hebrew origin and history is Biblical (2Samuel 12:25) and has nothing to do with Star Wars fiction.
by tray1234 March 16, 2011
Cockney Rhyming slang for 'faeces'

Jedi Knight - Shite
Max, hurry up and get out the toilet. I'm bursting for a jedi.
by Ramsay Tupper March 31, 2005
I wish I was one...
Jedis are freakin cool!
by Cpt.Bob September 21, 2003
A man who is strong with the force and is a master at using his light-saber.
Eric: Holy sh*t! did you just see that?!

John: What?

Eric: That guy just knocked out Whitney with his light saber!

John and Eric: Jedi...
by Stoner13 January 17, 2012
a fleet in the navyFIELD community who feel that they truly are the center of the universe. Being a member of JEDI means that you seek drama by any means neccasary. You may think you truly are gods gift to the NF community but in reality you and your fellow Jedi members sit around and circle jerk each other on your own forums because you have nothing else better to do.
jedi we love to circle jerk to causing drama.
by I R BoRe August 07, 2009
Jedi is cockney-rhyming slang meaning "Red Eye"

Red eye being one of the symptoms of being stoned/high/gurning/lean/under the influence.
You should of seen me the other night, smoked half an ounce, had a proper Jedi.
by S0LDIER. January 26, 2008
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