A Jedi is the one who is on his path to understand the ways The Force. It is a one that rejects his emotions and follows only his mind. Jedis try to reach absolute balance with the world that surround them - they focus on understanding the ways of all things and use that knowledge to bring pease to those, who suffer. The Jedis understand, that true happiness is only possible when one completely controls his emotions and is sure that what he does or does not is exacly what he want and is suppose to do. A Jedi knows not hasitation or doubt, as his training gives him the skill to avoid mistakes in all forms of actions, be it combat, diplomacy, bartering, repairs or driving/piloting. But the truly important thing to remember abuot the Jedi is that what they do is learn all about the world surrounding them. Their power comes strictly from UNDERSTANDING, both the inanimate world and all the living creatures. They bieleive there is a way of all things to be, and their duty is to make all things go that way.
The Jedis form an Order of The Jedi. Young gifted children are taken into the Temple, where their training in the ways of the Froce begins. younglings are prepared to the role of Padawans. A Padawan is the student of the Force assigned to a mature Jedi Knight, which from now on is the Padawan's Master. The Padawan follows his master everywhere, and helps him on his tasks. This builds a strong relationship beetween the Master and the Student. During the journeys with his Master the Padawan takes several ritual tests - The test of courage, proving the Padawan can control his fear and act to the will of the Force even under stressful conditions, another tast that proves he can beat any opponent in combat, and the mst difficult - the test of Spirit, allowing the Padawan to look into himself and confront the worst of his own fears. Even after these test a Padawan is not automatically promoted to a Knight - the final decision is always in the hands of the Jedi Council. The Master can report whether he liked or disliked the way his young Apperentice passed through the tests, but it is the Council that decides. After the Council promotes a Padawan to a knight, the head of the council cuts the Padawan's hair (each padawan has a tail of hair behind his left ear). A Jedi knight then takes direct orders from the counsil and is trusted to perform missions. A Jedi Knight is a true Jedi. Most jedis met in the Galaxy are Jedi Knights.
The council may grant a Jedi knight another rank - the rank of a Jedi Master. This is done in respect to whatever the Jedi did in his career, or the promotion is simply proposed by the Force itself (or so the coucil says). A Jedi Master automatically becomes the member of the Jedi Council and from this day on his decicions affect the whole Order.
"No, Republic Credits won't do! Are you somekind of a Jedi?"
by AndrewJedi0032 August 18, 2006
1.A Marine that belongs to the very elite Force Recon.

2. A Marine that guards an American Embassy or the White House.
"Dude, do you have what it takes to become a Jedi?"
by gigantus March 11, 2006
1. A group, or "order" of individuals who can read minds, float things yadda yadda. who every one with not much of a life wishes they where.

2. Most brits, when pushed into saying what religion they are will say, jedi.
geeky kid - man those jedi knights are sooooo cool, i wanna be one (making pathetic lightsabre noises and waving an invisible sword)

Researcher - so sir, what religion are you?
Guy - erm, let me see.
Researcher - come on sir, its not a difficult question is it?
Guy - eeerrrmmm. Jedi?
by TuBsy February 16, 2005
A loser who can't hold a match to a Sith Lord! Usualy ranting on about proffecies and what not.
Anakin was a Jedi before he woke up and smelled the bacon and became a Sith.
by Darth_`Eowyn September 09, 2006
A description of a cool event, such as one that shows mad skillz.
Damn. That flip was Jedi.
by Sonny Minhas January 12, 2005
A hero or someone at the same time prone to mistakes but still a loveable rogue.
Look at that Jedi CP stumbling out of the chippie, he's still got one hand high in the air!
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
JEDI RULe! anyone who says a Jedi is not cool and rubbish is most obviously a CHAV !!!
or completly insane! whispered -> (you know who you are)
jedi are the worriors of peace and justice and freedom and love and honor and coolness and wityness and stylishness and friendship they are cool i wish i was a jedi i would kill Tony BLair ( and james Blair) <- no relation to tony blair or is he? dun dun da
jedi padawans have tiny littel pony tails and tinnie littel plats this is a sign of their appernticship yay for Obi-wan and nay for the SLASH <- disgusting people who write perverted stories about are favorite charactors doin it hem hem (you know who you are don't dinie it you twisted sweaty palmed perverted fucks
Jedi do not have SEX they are sacred as is George Lucas Earths greatest national treasure ahhhh we love george!!
myself and friends beleave that George is part of an intergallactic consracy to cover up the fact that Jedi RULE the galaxy (in nice way of course...or maybe not?)
p.s when the world ends you'll all be thankfull that the Nerds and geeks of this world watched so much si fi we will be the only survivours of the mass Jedi cleansing of EArth ha ha ha the END
Nerd: wow now i'm a jedi cool
Father: it was only a cucumber
by Binksy November 13, 2006
someone that could do great things but wines to much.
"awww... could not get your ship out" yoda said to luke when luke whined

"it's not fair" anikian wineing
I hate freakin jedi they are so winey.
by tyno June 23, 2005

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