A Jedi is the one who is on his path to understand the ways The Force. It is a one that rejects his emotions and follows only his mind. Jedis try to reach absolute balance with the world that surround them - they focus on understanding the ways of all things and use that knowledge to bring pease to those, who suffer. The Jedis understand, that true happiness is only possible when one completely controls his emotions and is sure that what he does or does not is exacly what he want and is suppose to do. A Jedi knows not hasitation or doubt, as his training gives him the skill to avoid mistakes in all forms of actions, be it combat, diplomacy, bartering, repairs or driving/piloting. But the truly important thing to remember abuot the Jedi is that what they do is learn all about the world surrounding them. Their power comes strictly from UNDERSTANDING, both the inanimate world and all the living creatures. They bieleive there is a way of all things to be, and their duty is to make all things go that way.
The Jedis form an Order of The Jedi. Young gifted children are taken into the Temple, where their training in the ways of the Froce begins. younglings are prepared to the role of Padawans. A Padawan is the student of the Force assigned to a mature Jedi Knight, which from now on is the Padawan's Master. The Padawan follows his master everywhere, and helps him on his tasks. This builds a strong relationship beetween the Master and the Student. During the journeys with his Master the Padawan takes several ritual tests - The test of courage, proving the Padawan can control his fear and act to the will of the Force even under stressful conditions, another tast that proves he can beat any opponent in combat, and the mst difficult - the test of Spirit, allowing the Padawan to look into himself and confront the worst of his own fears. Even after these test a Padawan is not automatically promoted to a Knight - the final decision is always in the hands of the Jedi Council. The Master can report whether he liked or disliked the way his young Apperentice passed through the tests, but it is the Council that decides. After the Council promotes a Padawan to a knight, the head of the council cuts the Padawan's hair (each padawan has a tail of hair behind his left ear). A Jedi knight then takes direct orders from the counsil and is trusted to perform missions. A Jedi Knight is a true Jedi. Most jedis met in the Galaxy are Jedi Knights.
The council may grant a Jedi knight another rank - the rank of a Jedi Master. This is done in respect to whatever the Jedi did in his career, or the promotion is simply proposed by the Force itself (or so the coucil says). A Jedi Master automatically becomes the member of the Jedi Council and from this day on his decicions affect the whole Order.
"No, Republic Credits won't do! Are you somekind of a Jedi?"
by AndrewJedi0032 August 18, 2006
adj. meaning an impressive acrobatic skill.
-Did you see that guy do a backflip?
-Yah it was so jedi!
by The Cat's Pyjamaz August 24, 2008
Jedi is cockney-rhyming slang meaning "Red Eye"

Red eye being one of the symptoms of being stoned/high/gurning/lean/under the influence.
You should of seen me the other night, smoked half an ounce, had a proper Jedi.
by S0LDIER. January 26, 2008
jedi are at the top of the fighter hierarchy.

they beat pirates (only by a little) and ninja (by a whole lot)

the hierarchy is as follows:

dude, that jedi just saved that pirate from that disgusting ninja
by Andrea Lynn May 16, 2007
A term used within the transient hippie community to refer to someone who is above it all, in the know, or heady.
Sorry, only Jedi can know where we sleep at night.
by Walking Tab of Acid January 01, 2011
the term used to ask other friends if there stoned, or under the influence of marijuana while in front of parents or higher authority.
Friend1: sup dude
Friend2: sup, damnnn dawg you look all jedi

Friend1: haahaa
by Stoned Jesus420 August 27, 2010
Adj - To drop acid, eat shrooms, and pop ecstasy at the same time. An absolute incredible time. Proves that you are indeed a professional druggie.
John: Dude, so you guys guna get that acid soon?
Blake: What if you eat shrooms?
John: That'd be fun
Blake: And take a quad stack exo?!
John: nah dude i can get you pure MDMA
Matt: Whats that called again?
John: Jedi dude!
by TXstoner38 September 01, 2009
1.a powerful bean of substancial importane.
Sahara is a dessert of many jedis'
by jedispoon23 April 10, 2008
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