Is a scenario where a guy cums in a girls nose and it comes out her mouth.
Dude, that girl just got jeclubed. The cum went in her nose and came out her mouth
by Ballman123456789 June 05, 2011
Top Definition
Is a friendly and kind loving beast, who is super strong and can stop anything. He loves to eat, play WOW, and runscape, but he despises ginger's like Mairead.
That guy is a Jeclub. He is the nicest guy I know and he hates gingers too.
by Gi Joe3qwrterg June 05, 2011

Sex monster that comes out at night and unleashes his 24 inch long dick and 12 inch thick. He anals girls so hard their anal cavities must be sewn back on. He tends to enjoy the flesh young teenage girls
Example: OMG that guy is a Jeclub. He just fucked me and my anal cavity bled
by Jeclub June 05, 2011
The very definition of athletics. When someone is Jeclub they are usually fit and packed with abs.
Man that guy is so Jeclub today.
by Logical14 June 02, 2011
Is a guy with a dick as big as a horses. If Jeclub has intercourse with you, all your internal organs will be messed up.
O my fucking god, that girl got analed by Jeclub. She is in the hospital now, because her internal organs are bruised.
by bigbootybitches121212 June 05, 2011
A Jeclub is someone who enjoys metal and is a hardcore bad ass. A common hobby for a Jeclub is gaming.
Man you see that new kid?
Yeah he is such Jeclub
by bukaj November 23, 2011
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