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An insult for someone who is a bit thick/stupid/idiotic when they act like a 'bellend'.

Also can be used when the word 'bellend' seems a bit harsh.
Steve: I was on the train earlier and this baby wouldn't stop crying! So I punched it in the face.

Barry: Oh steve, you complete and utter Jebbend.
by Dan2shambles April 29, 2009
Jebbend, is an alternative term for bellend. Often used when one is too high to coherently communicate the world bellend, or when one wishes to cause minimal offense with the term.
"Haha... look at that... look at that jebbend!"

"You my friend are a jebbend."

"I think I hurt my jebbend last night."
by Caleb Pile October 23, 2007
the forskin of the penis
creator- Fraser Wills
dude i have something stuck in my jebbend
by cab and fop May 30, 2008
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