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The act of self sexual stimulation usually ending with a climax and release of tension.
Rich was fixated with Jennifer Love Hewitt's curvy anatomy in the movie 'The Tuxedo'. At commericial break he ditched into the washroom so he can be alone with his thoughts. He needed to jebba while the images of Jennifer were still fresh in his mind.
by Tune - Aaaah! February 19, 2005
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A species of hobo and or heshes evolving from a Hebba and Jake. An army of Jebba's is bred by Hebba and Jake. Such an army typically contains 300 hobo boys, 250 heshes and 50 hobo girls and usually a pobo or mobo. Only spartan warriors can produce jebbas with the proper heshe.
That jebba child bit me and called me a strumpet.
by hobosity January 28, 2010
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