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This girl iz THE most amazing person ever. She's so easy to love :)
She's uber friendly and can easily put a smile on anyone's face. She gots bewbs too ;). But you won't fall in love with her for that, cuz the best curve on her is her smile :).
She's the best girlfriend in the whole wide world and no matter how frustrated you can get with her, 5 secs later, you fall for her even harder =]
I feel so sorry for the guys that can't have her, because she is Buhbuhh's ;)
A simple nickname for her, is Jeanne :P
Damn, I love Jeanne-Marie O_O
by Buhbuhh6734 October 16, 2011
One hot mother fucker.
She's a Jeanne Marie
by dongds August 15, 2011