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A loyal girl with a great sense of humor, pretty, kind, gentle and great conversation skills.
That's a jeanne of an idea!
by LewieLew February 02, 2010
438 78
Noun. Incredibly sexy tall woman who is always right.
That Jeanne knows everything, and man! Is she sexy or what?
by bunny15 February 02, 2010
313 129
pure innate talent; a natural
"The first chair violinist was a Jeanne."
by jeannefan February 03, 2010
302 154
A sweet, loving, loyal, caring, fun, very talented and athletic girl with hot body.
My lab puppy is a Jeanne!
by dweeb23 February 05, 2010
191 78
jeanne is the star of her own rom-com. she adores all that is glamourous. you'll find her on the dance floor with champagne as her firm friend. you'll know a jeanne by her charm and entourage.
dude, where you going all jeanne'd up?
by cosmicgrrl February 04, 2010
124 69
caring sensitive emontional
Jeanne , good listener. not interested in rap, loves latin music, loves to dance, likes white wine,
by behappydino February 04, 2010
110 73
Really sweet girl who has an unnatural affinity for food, particularly ice cream.
Jeez, that jeanne cleared out baskin robbins
by StickBeast May 01, 2008
318 300