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Someone who always chooses the best looking jeans in the store; someone who always tries on the perfect pair the first time.
Kid: Where do you get that style from? You've gotta tell me where you shop!
The Jeanius: I've been working on this for a long time my friend, and let me tell you, one does not simply get their pants from one store.
Kid: Where do you go??
The Jeanius: I go everywhere, every place has got at least one pair of jeans for me, when my eyes meet the perfect pair let me tell you, i know its meant to be.
Kid: Who man are you some sort of jeanius?
The Jeanius: Yes.. yes I am.
by The Fat Cat that Meows at Noon January 23, 2014
a person who knows excessively about denim and/or other pants, or smarty pants
girl 1:where did she get those cool pants? i want a pair!
girl 2:those are from (insert brand here) holister!
girl 1:how do you know?
girl 2: i guess i'm just a jeanius
by rachaele April 26, 2009
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