Guys hate guys like this, gets any lady he wants, even if he doesn't want they still run after him. You can bet even the ones left behind come back for a second look see. While rather chivalrous with the ladies he'll be quite quick to drop a homey on his a** when confronted or antagonized. You can find him in a dive bar or the most fashionable of places. He knows how blend in or be noticed. Quite intelligent. Someone worth keeping if your in his league. Dashing.

OMG that's your boyfriend!?
Its JeanPaul who wouldn't sleep with him?!
by ms. bling bling February 02, 2010
Top Definition
A white wanna-be gangsta who's a playa and is a p.i.m.p. with the girls. He gets any chick he wants. Although he is white, they can rap your socks off. He is very dangerous at night.
"yo man, your a Jean-Paul with the ladies!"
by David Kioksaka January 09, 2009
This person has very big penis and all the woman think of him and want him.

This person makes woman wet.
I am so jealous of Jean Paul.

Jean Paul is a great lover.
by skaterdudeO912 January 31, 2010
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