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The type of jazz music that is so timeless, so soothing, so mind-blowing, that it sends you literally to another world.
Jazzgasm-inducing sounds of...

"Anastasia" by Stefano di Battista

by yeason2008 May 01, 2009
a involuntary body spasm (stinky cheese face, gesticulating, loud outbursts, etc.) which occurs when listening to a jazz song so mindblowingly tight, cool, high, screaming, or any combination of the 4, etc.
The intro to Sir Duke was so intense, I had a major jazzgasm.
by saxface14 October 28, 2012
An involuntary bodily response to hearing incredible jazz resulting in motions and vocalizations similar to those of an orgasm.
The smooth tones of Kenny G caused the the man to jazzgasm violently and loudly.
by Genny K February 20, 2012