Similarily known as "playing jazz", "listening to jazz". With reference to the type of music known as jazz, there is none. The word is an off-shoot of the word "jizz" (otherwise known as cum, spunk, skeet, etc.) that can be used in a setting where said dialogue may be deemed as inappropriate, to describe the action of ejaculating.
I'm saving up all my jazz to give to my girlfriend tonight.
by DeekYou December 24, 2009
a team that is in Utah with all those mormons. they are from new orleans and they dont allow music in Utah.
the Jazz moved to Utah where they dont allow music
by landshark000 February 19, 2009
Cum "semen" that has been formed into a solid state and has been sitting in place for quite some time.
Tom- Oh my gosh look at that jazz you forgot to clean off the floor.
Jeanie- Fuck off...
by AJ88888888 July 10, 2008
a word used for describing a womans vagina, when you would rather not use the word "vag"
I have a shooting pain in my jazz! hope its not a stid!
by Kasey Biondo November 11, 2007
A jazzy way of saying jizz.
"I sprayed jazz all over her face."
by Tonsil November 30, 2005
1. to go some where
2. look sharp
1. I'm going to jazz over to the club in a minute

2. You got all jazzed up tonight!
by crass auto May 19, 2004
The sound of a group of virtuoso musicians getting together and jacking off to themselves.
Miles Davis: Hey, I don't know how to actually make people feel things then I play my trumpet, but I know my scales really well and I like to hear myself play them. I guess I'll become a jazz musician. That'll give me some cred.
by Jazzsucksdonkeyballs December 01, 2009

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