Jazz-a form of music in which musicians play their instruments for an audience.There may be a varied amount of instruments ranging from upright bass to xylophones or simply an upright bass,guitar and drums.The goal of the form of music is for each musician to play a different song.Thereby it is left to the audience listening to interpret just which song each musician is attempting to play.
Are they all playing the same song?
That's jazz baby that's jazz.
by Prosperro of Aqualina March 30, 2010
Slang for a tune; a song, not necessarily related to jazz.
Hey, man, I have a jazz by Sondre Lerche here for you to listen to. It's rad.
by gik_90 March 04, 2009
to throw to some one out a front door. Also to be thrown to be jazzed, or in action, jazzing
ie: yo, if homie doesn't chill im jazz that nigga.

will: uncle phil quit with the jazzing jazz
by matty shred April 02, 2011
verb: Jizz with an "A" instead of an "I". People commonly mistake this term to be so-called music.
She played the flute so well, that everyone who witnessed had to jazz.
by Zeldio October 10, 2011
past tense of jizz
Shat is to shit what jazz is to jizz.
After I took a dump on her face, I jazz in her eye.
by kneadledick March 18, 2011
One or more cans of spraypaint
Just buying some jazz
by anon13a July 18, 2010
Past tense of "Jizz"

Shat is to Shit as Jazz is to Jizz.
I just jazzed all over myself
by Jazzer17 October 07, 2009

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