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the past tense of jizz
Dude, mike i totally jazzed earlier.
by NK & MT October 19, 2009
13 9
Jazz is the word which separates free thinking, clever, mentally alive people from those who are bound down from by the lack of creativity in their limited minds - (these people usually end up involved in rock, early classical, rap or pop music).

Jazz is the way in which advanced free thinkers express themselves musically.
just listen to the music - the English language is too limited to describe jazz.
by FJFD member October 17, 2005
51 47
To turn on sexually; to stimulate
Oh baby, when you wisper those words in my ear they totally jazz me.
by UknowIT September 09, 2005
28 25
Slang for a tune; a song, not necessarily related to jazz.
Hey, man, I have a jazz by Sondre Lerche here for you to listen to. It's rad.
by gik_90 March 04, 2009
2 1
The most soulful and meaningful music known to man. Fills peoples hearts with joy. Jazz is a very touching and soulful type of music. You can listen to it anytime of day. It normally fetures improv on trumpet, saxaphone, trombone, flute, ect. Jazz is the best music to relate to wether you want to getup and dance or cry. You can always rely on jazz to brighten your day.
The jazzers and Allen Vizzutti played a jazz chart.
by the jazz flute March 03, 2014
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A girls name. Usually pretty, well held together, and level headed. Most girls named jazz are the center of attention, are trustworthy, strong willed, and protective of their friends.
"she is so jazz, standing up for her friends like that"
by AnonymousIsntSoAnonymous/B0B September 23, 2011
1 1
old black man jizz
ray charels picked up a hooker and jazzed all over her
by jazz man 132132 May 08, 2011
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