A much too broad term for music.

Charlie Parker and Kenny G are both called "jazz" musicians, yet they sound nothing alike. That is because "jazz" is not a genre of music, it is a general term that refers to any kind of music that contains chords or rythms that are more complicated than that of conventional pop music.
Various Jazz genres are "ragtime", "bebop", "swing", "latin", "lounge", "funk", "blues", "fusion", etc.
by The Drafted's guitar player September 22, 2005
Along with Heavy Metal (the underground, not shitty Metalcore, Nu-Metal and Melodic Death), jazz music actually is a good genre of music with a lot of talent and many jazz songs contain fucking brilliant bass riffs amongst other things. I'm not that big of a jazz fan, but it is a music that is well respected by metalheads and other fans of music. There's more than the mainstream, look a little.
"Heavy Metal rules because of their amazing underground bands."
"Yeah, but jazz is a genre that is different yet very identical to heavy metal, due to it not being a sold-out genre of assholes."
"I agree."
by Baaza September 07, 2005
A form of music developed in early 20th century America by African-Americans, but quickly spread around the world to places such as France and Japan. It basically took every other kind of music that came out before it and turned them upside down. Jazz musicians are often very talented and rise far above simple technical skill into a realm of extremely deep, passionate, abstract soulfulness. The number of artists and musical genres that derive their influence from jazz are innumerable.
Some notable jazz artists include:

Vince Guaraldi
John Coltrane
Thelonious Monk
Miles Davis
Charlie Parker
Dave Brubeck
Bill Evans
by Nimrod Nineveh November 13, 2009
An awesome genre of music.

Usually played with saxophones, trumpets, a piano, a guitar, a bass guitar (or upright bass) and a drum kit, but it's sometimes played with strings (violin, cello etc.). You can also have vocal parts as well.

It first originated at the beginning of the 20th century, in central America. It was largely associated with African Americans, but is played by everyone nowadays.

A well known Jazz player and bandleader was Art Blakey (drummer)

I play in a Jazz band
I love Jazz music
by teh internets is for music November 11, 2009
1.the only true american art form, and the root of just about every other genre of music

2. A reacuring role on the Tv show The Frest Prince of Bel Air that smelled like cheap cologne and fried chicken; wore the same shirt and was thrown out of the bank's house just about every episode.
Jazz: hey baby
Hillary: Daddy!!
Jazz: dang
*phil banks grabs Jazz throws him out*
Jazz: aaaaaaa
by mannyo November 14, 2006
Jazz is the word which separates free thinking, clever, mentally alive people from those who are bound down from by the lack of creativity in their limited minds - (these people usually end up involved in rock, early classical, rap or pop music).

Jazz is the way in which advanced free thinkers express themselves musically.
just listen to the music - the English language is too limited to describe jazz.
by FJFD member October 17, 2005
A slang word for sex during the early 20th century.
I'm going to jazz you good, baby.
by Al June 11, 2004
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