a modern (early 1900s) music style characterized by syncopation and dissonance.

contrary to popular belief, jazz is NOT playing any note with any chord. any note played with any chord can be explained. even if it is inexplicable, it just sounds good, which is what's really important.

the cool thing about jazz is that you learn all the rules and guidelines which apply to all the other genres...then you get to break them.
giant steps, though confusing and ultimately dissonant, is a jazz standard.
by unusu-al January 21, 2005
Another word for stuff
I'm finish with all of that jazz.
by ewonk September 09, 2003
The absolute BEST genre of music out there. It is unappreciated by idiots who think the only music worth listening to is rock and rap. It's also the best music to play if you're a musician, because playing music is the only activity that involves every part of your brain, and jazz does this to an extent. It's also really fun to play and listen to.
If you're not sure if you like jazz, go and pick up a Basie or Ellington album and you'll see what I mean.
by OopBopShBam February 28, 2007
One of the best forms of music. Many people famous for their jazz are Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Armstrong, and Freddie Green. Very great genre of music.
Jazz is awesome. Except for Kenny G. That guy's music is trash.
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 22, 2004
It's amazing how people's opinion's vary

Jazz is an expression of thought and feeling. It can be slow and melancholy, or quick and light. It's simply what the musicians feel at the time. It's mainly instrumental, but sometimes there can be singing. I've read some of the definitions, apparently some dislike the lack of word. Well some things can't be expressed in words.
Many kinds of music came from jazz.
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006
The only 'black' Transformer, turned into a car fit for pimpin'.
Jazz was the second coolest Transformer, second only to Optimus Prime
by Kelso June 29, 2004
Jazz is a musical genre, a style in itself, an action, adjective, and foundation for a certain social group.

1. A music that originated in America, and credited to slaves who brought it over from West Africa. Has rhythmic foundations from the beats and syncopations from Africa. Has instrumental timbres from Spanish and European influences, as a result of the Spanish-American war and the diversity in New Orleans. Also has roots from ragtime piano, and eventually later on swing, blues, and bebop. Usually uses improvisation, but not always.
2. A verb similar to "swing". To give something a looser, more free-flowing, hipper feel. Can be done to a simple rhythm, or even things outside of music as in a "jazzed up place".
3. Often a thing that certain musical purists use to defend themselves as being the only decent kind of music left these days. Results in a kind of jazz elitism, where a jazz enthusiast believes he or she is better because he or she listens to the only kind of music that is still authentic and good.
1. Some jazz musicians include Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Vince Guaraldi, Diana Krall, etc etc.
2. This beat is too boring, we got to jazz it up a bit.
3. I don't listen to your repulsive rap, rock, or other mainstream pop. I'm close-minded and will forever be in my own little jazz bubble, which of course is the greatest gift America has for the world.
by flo123 July 31, 2005

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