A word used to express pretty much anything good, but usually in the subject of women. The word was derived by a small boy named Edgar from Duxbury, Massachusetts.
Tay Tay: Hey man that girl is bending over.
Tommy: Jaazzzzzz
by fuck you man June 19, 2005
The slang word for toilet.
I'm going to the jazz!
by jamiro September 07, 2005
(n.) Marijuana, pot, Mary Jane, weed, etc

(v.) to smoke pot
"I just bought some jazz."
"I'm going to get jazzed tonight, someone hand me my jazzbag."
by Kiki September 18, 2003
Jazz, also known as, nut,spunk,a load, man junk.......
"I told him i would only give him oral sex if he promised not to jazz in my eye"
by MASSHOLE617 June 14, 2004
Pornography, grumble, bongo
I pulled the middle out of my wang while "reading" my jazz mag
by Phil hebden September 23, 2004
it means "it's okay" or "it will do"
Good enough for jazz
by Nick February 21, 2003
To be lazy, yet not in a sloth like way.
I'm feeling pretty jazz, I might go fishing.
by Trev 'suzie' October 21, 2005
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