The past tense of jizz or jizzum, this word is comonly misused by people who think it is music, needless to say some one is wrong!
Oh shit I forgot to clean up my jazz on the floor OH NO!
by Kermit DA frog October 07, 2006
In a new Californian slang, Jazz means: Cool, sick, tight, awesome, sweet, etc.
That was so jazz that you gave me that polo shirt.
by Jacob Goldfeld June 04, 2005
1. Nature's way of saying you stuck your fingers into an electical socket

2. Taking un necessary risk just for the fun of the outcome, wether good or bad.
B.A.: Hanabal's on the Jazz again
by Local lunatic March 14, 2005
Ten people playing ten different songs at ten different speeds in ten different keys. Music, but just a step above polka.
"So this is Jazz?, I wish they'd all play the same thing. This is too damn confusing!"
by J.Grosse October 11, 2005
Can be defined as any noun. Much like the word "shit"
1) I still have to put and pants and all that jazz

2) You still smoke that jazz?
by Infect November 01, 2004
The best music ever made by black people. Very pleasant to the ear when the piano and the saxaphone are used in the composition.
Some styles of jazz, when mixed with techno, produce a musical harmony unmatched by any other musical genre.
by AYB September 18, 2003
An expressive form of dance. Jazz is usually referred to as a mixture of ballet, modern, and hip hop.

Jazz is performed in specific Jazz shoes but some dancers may prefer to do it barefoot.

There are also different kinds of Jazz:
Lyrical Jazz is when the lyrics of a chosen song are portrayed in the dancer's movements.

Street Jazz has a more Hip Hop feel to it. And is sometimes done in street shoes.
This dance routine starts off with a Jazz pirouette (turn).
by Gail. July 23, 2006
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