It's amazing how people's opinion's vary

Jazz is an expression of thought and feeling. It can be slow and melancholy, or quick and light. It's simply what the musicians feel at the time. It's mainly instrumental, but sometimes there can be singing. I've read some of the definitions, apparently some dislike the lack of word. Well some things can't be expressed in words.
Many kinds of music came from jazz.
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006
The most sophisticated form of music which frightens most rap, rock and metal 'musicians' by its lack of lyrics and advanced theory.
Wha-? Isn't their tab for this song?

I'm over this 'jazz' stuff lets play some real music.
by Jazz? November 03, 2009
To turn on sexually; to stimulate
Oh baby, when you wisper those words in my ear they totally jazz me.
by UknowIT September 09, 2005
The most soulful and meaningful music known to man. Fills peoples hearts with joy. Jazz is a very touching and soulful type of music. You can listen to it anytime of day. It normally fetures improv on trumpet, saxaphone, trombone, flute, ect. Jazz is the best music to relate to wether you want to getup and dance or cry. You can always rely on jazz to brighten your day.
The jazzers and Allen Vizzutti played a jazz chart.
by the jazz flute March 03, 2014
old black man jizz
ray charels picked up a hooker and jazzed all over her
by jazz man 132132 May 08, 2011
The word Jazz has its origins in the Creole brothels (Jas houses) of New Orleans in the late 19th century.
Working girls were called jezebels or jesebels, shortened to "jes" or "jez". The pronunciation was closer to "Jas", hence the term "Jas house" for brothel. Music was provided for the clients, and this music became known as "Jas music", sometimes called "Jass music".
A popular explanation for the difference in spelling is that when the word "Jass" was featured in flyers and posters, the letter "J" was often crossed out, leaving "ass" in its place. Promoters felt that "ass music" was a bit inappropriate, so the spelling was changed from "Jass" to "Jazz", hence "Jazz music".
Let's go to Stella's house and listen to some jazz !
by Rocknrollkat February 01, 2011
Jazz-a form of music in which musicians play their instruments for an audience.There may be a varied amount of instruments ranging from upright bass to xylophones or simply an upright bass,guitar and drums.The goal of the form of music is for each musician to play a different song.Thereby it is left to the audience listening to interpret just which song each musician is attempting to play.
Are they all playing the same song?
That's jazz baby that's jazz.
by Prosperro of Aqualina March 30, 2010
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