It's amazing how people's opinion's vary

Jazz is an expression of thought and feeling. It can be slow and melancholy, or quick and light. It's simply what the musicians feel at the time. It's mainly instrumental, but sometimes there can be singing. I've read some of the definitions, apparently some dislike the lack of word. Well some things can't be expressed in words.
Many kinds of music came from jazz.
by Blue Ruse August 07, 2006
When you prove someone wrong, you are said to have jazzed them. Similar to being severely burned.
Didnt I tell u so dumass...jazz baby!!
by Lady Tam Jam March 25, 2005
What kinda jazz is that
by motley April 17, 2003
Another word for "fart."
Oh man, that smells awful. Did you jazz?
by T-Hatch May 01, 2006
Predictive Synonym (see definition) for lazy.
Get up and do some work, you're so jazz!
by grasshopa July 27, 2004
amazing girl who is so fly and everyone wants her.
Man that Jazz, I wish I could get a piece of that.
by josh November 25, 2004
A synonyme for sh*t that's bad or messed up for whatever reason. Always in a negative context.
Clean all this jazz up.
That jazz is wack.
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
Please click on all the links you find as they will be helpful in your quest for music.

I've read some of the definitions here and some idiots have the cheek to call this filth 'music' and even bigger idiots have said that gangsta rap ISN'T the greatest form of music ever created (I know true music fans, some fools really do think like this.) All 3 of the jazz 'songs' I have heard it doesn't even have any lyrics? How can that poor excuse for music if you can't hear the artist tell a beautiful story from the street about the bitch he banged last night?

My teacher used to like jazz and that asshole made me learn stuff so I know jazz is shit. I work in McDonalds now so that I never have to worry about learning or thinking ever again. Jazz 'music' has NO beat and some of it isn't even made by machines that make a constant, mind numbing 'bip bop' for real music listeners to get down to.

Rap was invented by my fellow brothers so if you prefer any other type of music other than rap that means you're a racist white cracker that needs to be burned like the bird shit you are!

Have you noticed that they never play jazz on MTV? That is because MTV only plays the top 40 which means they only play good music. Only old people that were alive when we evolved from snakes listen to this dribble because they are ashamed that good music like rap didn't exist in the dinosaurious ages.

This is how every jazz song sounds like "KEEP ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN'" That isn't music! That is crap! Go get some Ja Rule you old pensioners.
Go listen to your crappy Jazz, Blues or whatever you call it if you wish to remain a fool. Rap is the only true music with soul because it has lyrics that speak from the heart and tell us a tale. ('Soul' 'music' should be called Soul-less music. ZING!)
by Real Gangsta in da House July 11, 2005
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