Top Definition
1. An amazingly hot woman with the most spectacular breasts you have ever seen.

2. Any woman with a spectacular pussy.

3. The girl that your man always secretly wants.

4. Any girl who gets men to leave there women without even trying.

5. An amazinly cool,friendly, beautiful woman that is over friendly with most guys with amazing assets and a killer love box.
1. "Damn, that's the hottest girl I've ever seen & look at those titts !" " Yeah, she's a total Jazmyne ! "

2. "Dude, this girl was so tight and she could work it ! It felt so good. She was a total Jazmyne ! "

3.+ 4. " I found out Steve has secretly wanted that bitch the whole time and she's oblivious. She's such a Jazmyne ! "

5.Jazmyne was friends with all the guys, she liked drinking, sports, video games, was beautiful and had a spectacular rack too. In short, she was perfect but becasue of this, all the guys wanted to hit it.
by Steve78 March 20, 2008
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