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Jazir is a male name originating from Hebrew or Arabic roots. Jazir is a sexy man with well toned armed, and doesn't get embarassed very easily. Jazir is extremely skilled in the art of being funny - he whips jokes out of no where. Additionally, Jazir is good at flirting. Jazir knows how to come up with lines and some may be cheesy, but they make women smile. Jazir is also a flirt, but he tries to calm it down. Overall Jazir is an amazing person with really good taste in girls.
Jealous girl: Who's that?

Girl: That's my boyfriend, Jazir.

Jealous girl: He's your boyfriend???????

Girl: Yes, that's my baby.
Jealous girl: O

Girl: That's what I thought.
by nj7777777 November 27, 2011
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