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A rapper who is associated with Jay-Z. Jay-Z appeared on one of Jaz's earlier songs "Hawain Sophie", in the year 1989. Jaz has continuosly blamed jay-Z for biting off his name, and disrespecting him, thinking he's now doing this because Jay-Z got a big head when he became famous. And he did, he continually dissed Jaz. the more money Jay-Z got, the more he began to forget about his fellow Brooklyn rapper.
Jaz-O was devistated by Jay-Z's disrespect, so when Jay-Z offers him to finally be on some of his songs, suck as Bring It On, off the Reasonable Doubt album, he tries desperatley to Out-Do jay-Z, to prove he's better and fails. But he did out do him on the song Nigga Who, Nigga What.
by Trey123 March 17, 2008
noun, a person of doubtful intelligence, usually connected to various simple thefts of outstanding stupidity. refers to the entire person being (purportedly) excluded from civilization for hygienical reasons. Quite common word in the goth scene, having similar meaning.
He's such a jazo.
I'd kill myself if I were a jazo like her.
by dr. John Clericly June 09, 2006