The gay version of Jason
To be acting in a homosexual manner
Example 1. Before i came out of the closet, i was Jason, but now im Jaysen and fabulous.
Example 2. Dean is being so Jaysen atm
Example 3. Guy 1 - Hey you going to Lisa's party? Guy 2 - Nah i heard its going to be a Jaysen-fest
by PeanutPanada November 17, 2010
Top Definition
Amazing at everything he does. Hides his feelings, but is true to his heart. He is very caring about his friends, but will speak his mind if it is necessary. Everyone would love him, but just does not take the time to do so.
"Jaysen is always kind"
"Jaysen, everyone loves him"
by heyykiditslauren January 14, 2009
Very cool sys admin who loves to play FPS games.
man i wish i was like Jaysen
by jaysen September 06, 2003
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