Fiery Irish woman with luminicent skin and gorgeous deep blue eyes! Jaymi's are 99.99% successful at everything they do, including the... (oh snap!). Any guy would be lucky to have her as long as he's not a complete idiot because Jaymi doesn't fall for that shit. All and all Jaymi will rule the world. AMEN.
Whose that hot ass girl with the crazy blue eyes dancing like a sex goddess?

Oh that's Jaymi she's a fox!
by commanderfoxy July 12, 2011
the most hilarious and fucking awesome chic in the universe. she is pretty popular and everyone loves her coz she's just so awesome. a jaymi usually has big boobs and people aren't afraid to remind her.
omg is her name jaymi?

yeah how could you tell?

she's got big boobs.
by jaymi'sbff October 14, 2012

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