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Jayks are quick-witted people that possess a very dry and audacious sense of humor. Their behavior usually either leads to making new and like-minded friends or getting punched in the face.
Dude, you're being such a Jayk. I don't know whether to punch you or take you to a movie.
by Chode Roshambo February 04, 2010
Jay k means just kidding. Used for emails and IMs.
teenagerfrommars:You r such a fagot!!!!
luvyahalls:y would you sat that? our friendship is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
teenagerfrommars: Jay k! plz dont be mad!
luvyahalls:Oh ok, in that case i am not mad.
teenagerfrommars:good. so how was baseball practice yesterday?
by Greendayfan April 18, 2006
Takes it in the butt, and lives in motels with his poor ass dad. Who is also a drunk and fondles little men. He also never changes his clothes. OMG and destroys the bathroom with the most potent anal smell in the universe. It lingers for hours, wafting through stores, burning nostrils and killing kittens.
Jayk walks into the bathroom, drops a duece and everyone leaves because the butthole stink is too much to handle.
by Cohort Mandibles March 03, 2011
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