Jaydiocity - a flirting website where thousands of singles flirt in the UK flirting Capital. It is a flirt destination where people from all over the uk come together to chat, share knowledge and ofcourse flirt. Started in the North West and now has spread across the UK.
Laura "Hey, wanna flirt"
Jen "Yeah, why not"
Laura " Go Jaydiocity and sign up then"
by A flirt April 01, 2009
Top Definition
A website created by Liverpudlian Jamie McCoy. It's tagline is "Bringing Scousers Together" although many debate this should be changed because there is a much wider audience outside of Liverpool
The name is a play on the Liverpool radio station "RadioCity".
It is a site where you can listen to a variety of music for free, there is also a chatroom, an arcade and forum.
Tezza: Whats the name of that site again?
Mitch: JaydioCity!
Walshy: I reckon we all go an join the forum!
by Yer Mar. May 28, 2007
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