When a nigger walks out of the store with a fresh pair of J's on.
I saw Demarcus jaywalking out of the store with some stylin' new shoes on.
by D'pez Poopsie February 25, 2014
A stupid fucking law invented and enforced by Americans.
"We need never had invaded Iraq and Afghanistan if the fuckers had promised not to continue their flagrant Jaywalking" - GW Bush, Road Safety Conference, Washington 2005.
by navyblue January 11, 2007
jaywalking - the act of walking down the street while smoking a jay
yo bro wanna roll one and go jaywalking?
by Midnitetoker July 05, 2011
moonwalking, sliding, gliding, airwalking, etc., in Air Jordan shoes.
Impressed Bystander 1: "Did you see that? That guy just moonwalked in Jordans!"

Impressed Bystander 2: "He just took it to a whole new level. It's not just moonwalking anymore. It's called 'jaywalking.'"

Impressed Bystander 1: "Word."
by chazphenom August 07, 2010
walking and smoking marijuana at the same time
*two people bunning a fat J (joint)
"blud , lets smoke this joint while we walk to the petrol station for food"
"neh blud , jaywalking is a long ting"
"oh safesafe, your walking while bunnin is bare long"
"safe safe"
*both continue bunning the J until it is finished, then after the roach was chucked, they set of for petrol station for bare munch*
by dasbait December 27, 2011
#1 Getting in the way of Specializer/Jay whilst he is doing something.

#2 Pissing off Specializer/Jay.
Examples of "Jaywalking"

Having freedom of speech.

Doing anything right.

Calling the name of his community "ExtremeCore" the next generation of gay porn.

Going into his channel while he is talking to his imaginary friend "Mr. Fail Community".
by Vee Gee Dewd June 19, 2009
Walking around with some friends and a jay, short for joint.
"Hey, let's go for a midnight jaywalking."
by James Fitzgerald June 03, 2008

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