Tha Best Rapper ALIVE.
All tha otha greats is dead. Who's tha best alive? Jay-Z.
by Nessa February 03, 2004
A Brooklyn rap artist who was originally Jaz-o's student
Jay-z a retired rapper who don't want to really
by Amp D October 21, 2010
One of the Greatest Rappers of all time.

wow Jay-Z owns, his flows are so tight.
by Hov' January 09, 2005
one of the best MC around the man got made lyrics
Got the whole industry mad at me I said
Then B.I. said, "Hov' remind yourself
nobody built like you, you designed yourself"
I agree I said, my one of a kind self
Get stoned every day like Jesus did
What he said, I said, has been said before
"Just keep doin your thing," he said, say no more
by lil mama A.K.A G-UNIT GURL December 06, 2003
Rich as hell, hated cause of it!
and cause Pac didn't like him!

He paved his way with sick freestyles
S. Carter

Friend or foe
by That Nigga November 09, 2003
one of the best if not the best rapper of all time. put out continuously great songs many of which were not released as singles. only rap artist in 20 years to play madison square garden, put out cd after cd packed with some of the best rap out there, wrote some of the greatest lyrics you will ever hear without ever writing down a word. he might have borrowed a line here or there but every rapper has. nas makes good music too but jay-z consistently puts out the deepest cuts with meaning in all of his lyrics...jay didnt put out a record until he started his own record company...something nas could never do nas isnt even half the man jay is today, jay has shoes, clothes, a record company, the ceo of def jam, what does nas have? nothing. jay is the whole package. if he was a candy bar, hed be kingsize, nas would be fun size.
'Can't leave rap alone the game needs me
Haters want me clapped and chromed it ain't easy
Cops wanna knock me, D.A. wanna box me in
But somehow, I beat them charges like Rocky' --H.O.V.A.
by no po August 10, 2005
Absolutley SHIT HOT rapper, 1 of the best goin 2day, in the past and for many years in the future, dont't diss because u know he is good!
Can I get an encore, do ya want more? cookin raw wiv da brooklyn boi, so 4 1 last time i need ya'll 2 roar!
by LuvDntH8 December 17, 2004

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