Real name is Shawn Carter. He born December 4. He gets ragged on alot but he deserves more credit. He jump started Rocawear, he helped Kanye West, and no matter what he says he ain't retired. That beef with Nas is still ongoing but Jay-Z should quiiiiiit. He's a decent rapper, even though some of his rhymes make no sense.
But bein tyrant, comin through your environment
Iron mask, nigga iron gas, nigga I am back

- from "Hovi Baby"
by ShoonXL January 15, 2005
A skillful MC with questionable street credibility.

He has skills, no doubt and industry didn't see it until 1996 and Reasonable Doubt was released.

Jay-Z's street credibility is damaged by these considerations:
1) The girl that he was with before he blew up was extremely ugly.("Song Cry") If he slanged coke and was big time hustler, this wouldn't make sense. Maybe he liked her point of view? probably not because Jay is a superficial MOFO.
2) Un Rivera's deposition, I have read it, suggest that Rivera is not 100% certain (even unclear) as to who actually stabbed him. In the deposition he is extremely docile. If you read any deposition of cross-examination, this is never the case. Often they will be extremely hostile and reluctant to answer any questions. Un was paid by Jay, but for what?? To say, "my name is Un and Jay stabbed me~!" Plus, Jay-z plead guilty and asked for a deal like a RAT.

3) Un was his first court case. He never went to court before this nor jail.

Look, you have problem if you doubt everything they tell you on TV. But you are just as stupid if you believe everything that these RAPPERS are telling you.

This goes out the Tupac, Biggie, Nas, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg also. They even admitted that they don't do shit that they say on their music (except Snoop cause he is such a stoner). Why is it that I hear people saying that Jay-Z was a crazy gangster/dealer/murderer? Its garbage~!

Vast majority of gang bangers from the 80's are now in the streets as bums (the cracked out ones) that you laugh at. Go ask them if they knew Jay-Z back in the days.
"You wanna be me, you can't you f@ggot you bitch you coward you clown you just wanna get down"

=Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (2002)=
by MCs May 05, 2005
a black rapper who is actually better than what people judge him by. they usually listen to his mainstream songs which aren't that great lyrically, but have a good beat.

people don't listen to his good songs where he raps out multis like every second.

to all the people that hate jay-z or eminem, listen to the song "renegade", or at least look up the lyrics.
Guy:I heard jay-z on the radio.
by danny bo banny July 14, 2005
Jay-Z is, in my opinion, one of the greatest rappers alive. On the streets of 'project' he was called jayhovawhich is what the jews call God i.e. he is refered to the 'God of rap' on da street. Was closely associated with Biggy small and is one of the best lyricists in the wake of his death. Teamed up with Dameon Dash to create Rocafella, his own label, which has been a huge success. Claimed that the Black album was going to be his last and that he would retire. The next year he makes a remix of the Black Album's best songs with Linkin Park, the gay boys. The Blueprint is Hov's best album, bar non and the Dynasty is pretty good as well. Long Live Hova!
R.O.C, we runnin this rap shit
by Ciaranlink12 May 03, 2005
A MC who is easily in the top 25 of all time. A great rapper, hailing from BKNY. Has one definite classic album, called "Reasonable Doubt". Easily a 10/10 album, comparable to other great albums such as Illmatic, Criminal Minded, 36 Chambers, Capital Punishment, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous, ect.

Many of you people have only heard his commercial bullshit, which, granted, isn't great. He made a line to describe what ya'll hearing.

"I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars."

Go cop Reasonable Doubt, and as someon else said, the 7 Minute Freestyle with Big L.

Stop being biased morons, and actually listen to more than Ether. Recognize an amazing flow and creative lyrics. And someone who has been around.

Can't Knock The Hustle
I'm makin short term goals, wonder whether foes
just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold
chilly with enough bail money to free a big willy
high stakes, i got more at stake than philly
shoppin sprees, copin three, duece fever i guess its fully loaded,
ah yes, bouncin in the lex luger, tires smoke like buddha
50 g's to the crap shooter,
niggas can't fade me
chrome socks beamin, through my periphial i see ya schemin
stop dreamin',i leave ya body steamin
niggas is feenin, whats the meanin
i'm leanin on any nigga intervenin with the sound of my money machine-in
my cuff runnin over with hundreds
im one of the best niggas that done it
six digits and runnin,
y'all niggas don't want it
i got the godfather flow, the don juan demarco
swear to god, don't get it fucked up

Brooklyn's Finest (no biggie)
Peep the style and the way the cops sweat us (uh-huh)
The number one question is can the Feds get us (uh-huh)
I got vendettas in dice games against ass betters (uh-huh)
and niggaz who pump wheels and drive Jettas
Take that witcha..

.. can't fade it
While y'all pump Willie, I run up in stunts silly
Scared, so you sent your little mans to come kill me
But on the contrilli, I packs the mack-milli
Squeezed off on him, left them paramedics breathin soft on him
What's ya name?

What? Keep rockin
No more, Mister, Nice Guy, I twist your shit
the fuck back with them pistols, blazin
Hot like cajun
Hotter than even holdin work at the Days Inn
with New York plates outside
Get up outta there, fuck your ride

Yeah, yeah, yeah
For nine six, the only MC with a flu
Yeah I rhyme sick, I be what you're tryin to do
Made a fortune off Peru, extradite, china white heron
Nigga please, like short sleeves I bear arms
Stay out my way from here on (CLEAR?) Gone!

(some consider this to be a freestyle, not known if it really is)

Dead Presidents II
who wanna bet us that we don't touch lettuce,
stack cheddars forever,
live treacherous, all the etceteras,
to the death of us, me and my confidants
we shine, you feel the ambiance
y'all niggas just rhyme,
by the ounce doe accumulates like snow,
we dont just shine, we illuminate the whole show,
ya feel me?,
factions from the other side would love to kill me,
spill 3 quarts of my blood into the street, let alone the heat,
fuck 'em, they hate a nigga lovin his life,
in all possible ways, know the feds is buggin my life,
hospital days, reflectin with my man laid up,
on a uptown hot block, he got his side sprayed up,
I saw his life slippin, this is a minor setback,
yo still in all we livin, just dream about the getback,
that made him smile though his eye said "pray for me",
I'll do you one better and slay these niggas faithfully,
murder is a tough thing to digest, its a slow process,
and I aint got nothing but time,
I had near brushes, not to mention,
3 shots close range, never touched me,
divine intervention cant stop I,
from drinking mataje, with tata, down in nevada, ha ha pa pa,
word life, by dabbling crazy weight,
without rap I was crazy straight, what...

'Cause game recognize game :O
I'm out for presidents to represent me (get money!)
I'm out for presidents to represent me (get money!)
I'm out for dead FUCKING presidents to represent me...
by renato March 23, 2005
Decent rapper, get off his back.
It's the R.O.C and we don't stop. N*gga, N.Y.C and we don't stop.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
Jay-Z is a very good rapper, not a lyracist. Got worked by Nas over and over. In some cases a Biter not a Writer, rips off a lot of lyrics, Otherwise a rap legend.
Im not a biter im a writer, for those and others - Jay-Z
by 50IsASnitch November 29, 2005

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