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He's an overrated rapper but he's not wack .He's a good buisness man (like Puffy)but U can't compare him to neither of the best rapper(2pac,Biggie.NaS,Rakim).He maybe had alot of commercial succes but that doesn't mean a rapper is good.Look at Illmatic not alot of commercial succes but one of the best album.Yeah he switched to a more pop style,but you've got to look a the best of Jay-Z .
There's 2 kind of critics

-He sucks ,he's bad 'he's commercial and bla bla
-He's the f*cking best rapper alive ouhhhhhhhhhhh
4 people who saying he sucks ...Dude stop acting tough and go back play with your barbie
4 Those who say :"HE'S THE FUCKING BEST "Did you listen to another rapper to real legend before saying someone is the best try to listen to everything

My point is he's overrated but he's not bad and I have no problem for putting it in the top 10 (I'm kind of good ) but #1 ...NO
MTV is wrong,Jay-Z is not the best
by A rap fan December 25, 2011
Poser rapper who attemts to act "hardcore" to sell records but is really just a bitch that entered the scene to make money and pimp hoes.
50 cent and eminem are the shizzle but that guy Jay-Z is just a poser...
by Puffy January 14, 2004
A person that took a great Art and teamed up with overzealous corporations, spunned from the deregulation act of 1996 and bleached it negatively. Blasphemous as they come, like all that are vile; brags about his talent as a rapper, MC though he is not. Very good rapper none the less that needs to respect true legends and artists. The other reason aswell as P diddy why Hiphop has disappeared, today being emulated by pop Hip pop, mostly from the south and a little New York aswell.
Jay Z is like Britney spears who is getting fame over Jill scott and Celine Deon. The last two mentioned artists are true legends.
by Wisdom revealed June 16, 2009
A poor excuse for a rapper. An uneducated drug dealer turned music ho' with poor rhythm and rhyme skills.
See any Hip Hop "Artist"
by Jack December 10, 2003
A rapper who screams "UGH" during the chorus of the songs of other artists.
Justin Timberlake: Holy Grail
Jay-z: UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!
by Asillyp3son December 01, 2013
Went from riding Nas's dick to saying he wasn't shit, then breaking down on the radio from ether to Blueprint 2 to The Black Album to saying he was 'retiring' to going on tour with a child molester
Fiesta, fiesta.... molesta, molesta... confessa, confessa...
by fiend December 15, 2004
Jay z AKA Gay z. A jay-z also known as a dick riding faggit who loves attention. Big lipped bitch who steals most of biggies verses and a little midget lookin mother fucker who could be easily mistaken for a 12 year old female in real life. (ive met him)
That jayz thinks hes so good hollerin best rapper alive that nigga needs 2 shut the fuck up hes good but behind nas lloyd banks mobb deep and many others includeing eminem who blew him up on his own shit look for renegade.
by DevonTheDeucer May 23, 2004