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A poser that was actually good with Biggie, but when he got shot, he resorted to performing with white boy pop artists, underground rock bands, and soft charcoal reggae musicians. He also performs with Beyonce, which wasn't that good anyway, since all he raps about with her is about his daughter. Was in a feud with Nas, which then ended with Jay-Z being owned on God's Son, which was a diss tape directed towards him, his producers, and his girlfriend-to-be-wife Beyonce. He was so embarrassed apparently that he was angry when he wrote his own diss tape, it fucking sucked monkey cock. Has lately collaborated with Justin Bieber, which proves he sucks even more, as he needs anything to retain his reputation as the wealthiest rap artist in the world. What better way to extort money from 7 year olds? Basically this guy needs to work with more rap artists instead of little spoiled brats, 18 year old wannabes and pimply white boys "from the hood".
Fred: I went to the Jay-Z concert earlier today.

Greg: Really? Did Caitlin force you to?
Fred: Yeah. All he does is sing about a daughter that he's never going to spend time with since he's so fucking rich.
Greg: Amen to that.
by Fuck a tussle March 21, 2013
11 2
Rapper.Gets his money cuz of other artists. he can be seen as the "Don King" of rap/hip hop. He's not rich cuz of his tracks, but off the business he handles on the side. no doubt hes rich, but lyrically speaking, hes wack. The day he uses original lyrics and makes good hits will be the day he's considered a true legend. I think Nas is still the best around. Not just because of the diss on Hova, but because his songs deal with the true life struggles of everyday people and issues concerning the world. jay-z is NOT on the level of Nas, lyrically. real talk.
Broken glass in the hallway bloodstained floors
Neighbors look at every bag you bring through your doors
Lock the top lock momma shoulda cuffed me to the radiator
Why not? It might've saved me later from my block
N.Y. cops hookers crawlin off the stroll, coughin
stitches in they head, stinkin and I dread thinkin they be snitchin
But who else, could it be, shook at these, unmarked vans
Parked in the dark -- NARC's, where's your heart?
Hustlers starve; they bust a U-e I jog
to my building -- come out later wearin camouflage
See the sergeant and the captain -- strangle men
Niggaz gaspin for air; til they move no more and just stare
with dead eyes -- tired of riots, shit is quiet
Simple-minded fools infiltrate grimy crews
Overcrowded cribs, uncles home from bids, sister's pregnant
father's on drugs, moms is smokin, beds is piss-infested
Had eight partners growin up, eight turned to seven
Seven turned to six niggaz, got two in heaven
Six of us, holdin it, now it's five rollin thick
The sixth one's parole flipped; five niggaz, went to fo' quick
when he went O.T., college life, converted into gangbangin
Four niggaz still hangin, years passed and slang changin
Three of us now, fourth nigga ain't around
We all thought he was real -- he did the snake shit
Fake shit -- beat his ass down, yo his mouth
could've got us all wasted, what a fuckin clown
All I got left in the end is two of my best friends
And we all goin out, to the death for these ends, WHAT?

-NAS (N.Y. State Of Mind Part 2)
jay-z has to come up with sum better bars!
by shadow452 December 22, 2006
76 50
A One Hit Wonder, he got lucky with Reasonable doubt, then he got shitted upon by Tupac and Nas.
Jay-z got raped on Ether and Hit em up.

Nas- "Put it toghether i rock hoes ya'll rock fellas."
by onemic September 07, 2006
83 58
A terrible rapper with scary lips
I bet jay z's lips have their own zip code
by Ferdoodle August 08, 2010
187 163
a black rapper with the ultimate DSL's
i would rather have jay-z suck my dick rather then beyonce
by TiTyRon November 08, 2009
48 25
Jay Z is a faggot who cant rap worth shit and plays off his own retirement but never leaves the game, nigga is too hungry for money and he has to feed those big ass gorilla lips of his. All of you thinking hes the best lyricist around defineltely dont know who Talib Kweli and Mos Def are...
Playa 1: Jay Z is a faggot
Playa 2: Niggas lips are bigger then his face, and has no style and only white boys listen to his shit, one loc ass nigga
by TheAliveG January 30, 2005
565 545
An ill rapper that got shitted on and embarrassed by a much better mc called nas.
Person 1: Jay-Z is ill!

Person 2: Yeah, but Nas kicked his
by Lil E August 17, 2005
74 57
This is in response to Da yAy. Does he really not rap only about money? Let's analyze his lyrics, the one you posted.

"I had to hustle, my back to the wall, ashy knuckles
Pockets filled with a lot of lint, not a cent"
-Rappin about how he had no money yet

"Gotta vent, lot of innocent of lives lost on the project bench
Whatchu hollerin? Gotta pay rent, bring dollars in"
-Rapping about getting money

"By the bodega, iron under my coat, feelin braver
Doo-rag wrappin my waves up, pockets full of hope
Do not step to me - I'm awkward, I box leftier often"
-Rappin about how "hard" he is

"My pops left me an orphan, my momma wasn't home
Could not stress to me I wasn't grown; 'specially on nights
I brought somethin home to quiet the stomach rumblings"
-Rappin about his shitty childhood

"My demeanor - thirty years my senior
My childhood didn't mean much, only raisin green up"
-Rapping about making money

"Raisin my fingers to critics; raisin my head to the sky
Big I did it - multi before I die (nigga)"
-Rapping about making money

Alright, I stand corrected. Between all the times he raps about his money, he throws a line or two in there about his shitty childhood and about how hard he is. Big difference!
Jay-z is the shittiest rapper alive
by Zeebo the Barber November 01, 2006
88 75