An extremely large chin, usually found on an otherwise attractive person.
"Dude, I was walking down the street yesterday right behind this girl with a smoking hot body, but once I caught up to her I realized she had a freakin' Jay Leno!"
by Nat Light Nick April 21, 2007
Kicks David Letterman's pathetic ass. Former stand-up comedian from Boston turned Latenight host of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC. He is known for his huge chin and the black spot in the middle of his white hair. He likes to poke fun of his music director Kevin Eubanks' "virginity." Unlike his Letterman rival, Leno is actually funny and collects muscle cars as a hobby. Spoofs on his show include "Jaywalking", "headlines", Battle of the Jaywalk Alstars and Celebrity Jeopardy.
Jay Leno is cool and infinitely better than David Letterman.
by krock1dk April 07, 2008
One funny ass White Guy who has owned late night comedy forever
Jay Leno always has the best celebrities on his show
by Knows A lot September 08, 2004
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