a person who has large chin, annoying voice, bad humor, and gotten something he doesn't deserve...
what the hell ?!? i can't believe he got the promotion ! what a jay leno
by tekken_5 March 10, 2006
A strap-on attached to the chin, used especially for penetration and party tricks. Similar to a screwnicorn, in which the strap-on is attached to the forehead. It is thus named because the wearer winds up with the ginormous chin, only slightly smaller than that of Jay Leno.
I tried sending a picture of my jay leno in to Late Night as a look-alike for Jay's chin, but they did not show it on air on NBC. That pissed me off.
by Kerry Gibbons October 29, 2005
to freely give somebody an item then take it back when he is using it
Hey, don't jayleno the tonight show from conan!
by talkshowcheat January 24, 2010
Jay Leno is renowned for providing background noise for elderly on nursing homes. His barely understandable speech and crappy jokes help the geriatrics sleep better.
Jay Leno: "Do you like the March Madness? Here's how it works: First you start out with 65, and then one by one, people are sent home until there's only one left, no, I'm sorry, that's our coalition in Iraq."
Elderly: zzzzzzzzz
by The Wall Street Dangler January 04, 2011
an insult you call someone if they're a backstabbing whore who crushes dreams
That Jay Leno stole Conan O'Brien's time slot and the integrity of late night talk shows.
by imisspenhall21 January 15, 2010
a slang term for a cop... feel free to use it.
jay leno just drove past we better get out of here
by kieranao April 28, 2010
slang term for an enormous chin, obviously due to Jay Leno owning a chin of this proportion.
Johnny Depp: That bitch has a Jay Leno.

John Madden: Yep, shit looks like a beehive.
by DertyDrew September 06, 2006
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