nickname for jacqui or jacqueline
"What are you doing this weekend Jax?
by girl90210 March 25, 2012
An attractive, rebellious guy. He's basically viewed as the bad boy stereotype, but, he's actually very curious, quirky, and funny. He has black hair, which is usually styled in a quiff, light tan skin, and dark brown or raven eyes. He's tall. (6'0"-6'5" ft.) Sometimes has a bad or abusive relationship with a family member.
"Sorry,I didn't see you," he said.

I looked up.

He towered over my small figure.

I had seen him around school. He was 2 years older than me.
"My name's Jax. You are..."
"Andy. My names Andy."
He stooped down to pick up my book.
"See you around, Andy."
by Rebel_Treble January 01, 2015
a smart girl
"she is such a jax"
by grrrrkitty February 04, 2010
Definition: To provide false statements dreamt up in ones own mind. A form of fabrication and lying, done to gain attention by means of stating incredlbly ludicrous comments and lies.
When little Johnny acted like an idiot on purpose to get attention, he pulled a Jax.
by Every Right-Minded Gamefaqs User September 06, 2004
a female with very large nice looking breast. Like Toccarra, Meagen Good, Esther Baxter, Summer Walker
"She got some JAX yo!"
by The Legacy Boyz August 24, 2007
aka cocaine. Derives from the similarities in cocaine and ajax, a common cleaning product.
That chick in Up In Smoke mistook ajax for cocaine. She thought she was snortin jax.
by chuck May 08, 2004
Rather talented Jedi Knight series player, especially with a sniper. Is known to hunt in the New York/Long Island area.

See newbie and hax
1) wtf, stop hacking jax

2) jax you newbie
by LRRH July 03, 2004

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