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A furry four legged mammal who hunts duck bears and makes monkeylike sounds. Jax can be found in downtown areas of central Florida.
Hey, has anyone seen my duckbear?

Oh no! Jax stole it!...
by Duck E Bear January 11, 2010
Definition: To provide false statements dreamt up in ones own mind. A form of fabrication and lying, done to gain attention by means of stating incredlbly ludicrous comments and lies.
When little Johnny acted like an idiot on purpose to get attention, he pulled a Jax.
by Every Right-Minded Gamefaqs User September 06, 2004
a female with very large nice looking breast. Like Toccarra, Meagen Good, Esther Baxter, Summer Walker
"She got some JAX yo!"
by The Legacy Boyz August 24, 2007
toilet; bathroom
"gotta use the jax"

"where's the jax?"
by m.. September 05, 2008
aka cocaine. Derives from the similarities in cocaine and ajax, a common cleaning product.
That chick in Up In Smoke mistook ajax for cocaine. She thought she was snortin jax.
by chuck May 08, 2004
The equivalent of ejaculate
Sex mongrels eat the jax of others
by Jugarn Jax May 27, 2005
Jax can be a noun, verb or adjective. In noun form Jax is like a J, the drug. Verb form, it means to screw someone up or beat the person up. In Adjective form, the word replaces "stupid," and "gay."

J is a shortened form of Jax.
Noun form: Dude stop smoking Jax, there bad for you.

Verb Form: Holy crap did he just do that to me? Im gonna jax him up.

Adjective form: Wow this homework is soooo J.

Swearing Replacements: WTJ=Wat the Jax!!! OMJ=Wat the Jax
by shugarhol1c April 14, 2005