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Highly multidimensional guy with many facets. He can be a tough-headed beast doing reps on the bars one second, and then make a girl feel like a princess the next. A little flirty, but always honest, and a great deal stronger than he believes. He may not always see the good in himself, yet everyone else can see it clearly. Some days he deserves a good slap upside the back of his head, but usually, all he needs is a hug. A Javier is a lot of fun and easy to get along with, though he is very set in his beliefs where it counts. Half devil, half angel, and completely amazing.
Javier is a good guy that you don't wanna mess with, EVER. Get to know him, and you'll either love him with all your heart, or else you'll run screaming for the hills... It all depends on your own assholery.
by TrackerElf;) January 06, 2013
Someone with so much time in their hands, that they have 16 boyfriends and 16 girlfriends.
He's more than just a player. He´s a Javier.
by HoboWithHam August 03, 2011
The name of a stuffed animal that a lot of guys seem to worship...
Guy1: Javier's upset... I was speaking to him on msn...
Guy2: He's not on msn, he's lieing on the floor!
by waheeyok July 06, 2011
The act of giving yourself a dirty sanchez.
I pulled out and I was in such a lust fugue I went for the Javier. dirty sanchez
by Javier66666 May 19, 2011
namesake for a vato dirtbag low class man who charms women and then uses them for their money and gifts. Is a liar and a loser.
Hello, I'm a Javier. I promise to love you forever, can I borrow $400 dollars to fix my car?
by urbanam April 10, 2011
Not dedicated Hopeless selfish Belives in him self to much and thinks hes a badass and gets pushed around alot
1 "Lests go Weight lift man "

2"Na man i cant imma go somewhere 2day"

1"o wow man u being javier on me right now"

2"No im serious"

1"Yes u are being javier"
by Javier Haters March 05, 2010
1.Just as popular as Jose, a name given to a male born of hispanic descent and may be, in fact, related to one

2. Day Laborer, twin brother of Jose.
I need 2 men today for construction work!Jose and Javier, you two guys hop in the truck and lets go.
by latinamericandevils September 28, 2007
Javiers tend to look like monkies that want a banana. they have very wierd laughs and seem to be ready to pass out when they laugh really hard. they are usually gays and have multiple boyfriends. some are athletic and tend to play baseball. But in any case they are all fags that want a big D*CK.
Every javier I know is so gay. they all look like monkies too.
by Class of 2012 (Hopefully) June 16, 2009