A man who lost his memory, then regained it, and then kicked alot of ass in the meantime, whilst being hampered by some random german lady, who honestly did less plotwise than yuna did in final fantasy X.
Btw, this is a fictional person in a movie called "the bourne identity"
Man: We need to eliminate Jason Bourne, as in , yesterday.
Assassin: Right, Im on it *blam*
Man: helloooo? assassin? ......
by John Marwin September 24, 2004
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Character from the books The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum, which were all later made into movies. A (former) secret agent with the uncanny ability to capture, kill, or threaten virtually any man on the planet, no matter how high the cost or how risky the operation or how well-protected the individual. Though he actually dislikes killing, and has only assassinated one man--the name of whom I won't spoil--he's the best at what he does.
Not to be confused with David Webb, the mild-mannered college professor from Maine.
by Nehemiah August 21, 2005
The most badass amnesiac ex-agent you'll ever meet. Can dodge 20 cops, kill you 3 times (yes, 3 times), give your girl multiple orgasms, and stick it to em apple lovers, all at the same time.
Some dude: "You really don't remember do you?"
Jason Bourne: "WTF like for the 20th time, no!"
by leviosa August 11, 2007
To make a quick and stealthy escape using an elaborate, less common passage way, e.g., using a stairwell exit instead of the elevator.
Robert: "Did you see Dylan already leave work today? It's only 4:30 pm and his desk is empty."

Bradley: "I think he Jason Bourned it five minutes ago. Sometimes he takes the stairs so nobody sees him going through the main lobby."
by Bradley McHammond May 18, 2010
As in to finish something of great importance, that is also very close to completion.
Man1: I think we should take a quick break before we get to the halfway point.

Man2: No man, let's just JASON BOURNE, this right now.
by Russo422 July 10, 2008
(verb). The act of waking up suddenly, and jumping out of bed while simultaneously saying or thinking "Where am I?", or "Who am I?". Usually occurs after a night of hammerdrunkedness.
Wow, I really JasonBourned this morning when I woke up on the dumpster.
by perachori October 25, 2010
Jason Bourne is a kick ass former CIA op, until he got amnesia and lost ONE mission. After that he tried to find out who he was (it took him almost three movies to do so.) Oh did i mention hes in three movies: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum.) His birth name is David Webb, the CIA named him Jason Bourne. His girlfriends name was Marie. He also killed alot of people
Person 1- Do you know who the kick ass guy was in The Bourne Ultimatum?
Person 2- Yea, his name was Jason Bourne.
by vJason Bournex January 30, 2011
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