God, or Jesus Christ on the court. Beat his wife 'cause he was swinging his arms. He told her, "If I hit you, it's not my fault!" The blood wasn't even real.
Swear against him and J Kidd will damn you to hell and shit on your grave!
by John Don May 02, 2005
Top Definition
a. The greatest Point Guard of all-time.
b. An especially attractive vagina.
a. Wow, did you see Kobe (see: rapist ) get sizzerved by Jason Kidd?
b. Damn girl, that's a nice Jason Kidd you got there.
by Jason Kidd July 04, 2004
Jason Kidd looks white but he is actually half black, half white. His father is black and his mother is white. He used to play for the Phoenix Suns, now he plays for the New Jersey Nets.
I don't even like sports.
by jpj March 25, 2004
To beat ones wife.
Did you see Sharon last night? Her eye is totally busted up, she must have gotten Jason Kidd'ed pretty badly.
by Kiddfan August 03, 2009
Wife Beater.
All Star Point Guard (arguably the best in the league) on New Jersey Nets (soon to be Brooklyn).
NewsFlash: "Kidd beats wife in parking lot- gets arrested after basketball game"
by Jenni April 05, 2004
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