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A very talented and beautiful singer that everyone loves to hate on because of that fag Justin Bieber (Who she isn't dating, she has stated this numerous times) who wouldn't know talent if it smacked him in the face.

She is an up-and-coming singer that will release an album sometime this year. (:
If you want to hear any of her songs, just search her on Youtube.
Jasmine Villegas is so talented, I wish people would stop hating on her.
by 010gurl4eva January 20, 2011
534 90
A hoe dating justin bieber with fat lips and a big head, and thinks shes so sexy but shes NOT.
and she uses justin bieber for fame.
"Jasmine Villegas is so HOT."
"Man, were you molested as a child?"
*silence...* "yes."
by booboo18 December 01, 2010
77 409