Ah, Jarrettsville. Possibly the shittiest place on earth. The entire place is full of white trash inbred hicks. The hardcore white trash kids hang out at the local 7-11 all the time. This includes weeknights and weekends. Tuesday nights even, trash can be seen scattered around the 7-11 parking lot. There happens to be one particular trash pit, located off of good old Morse road. This area, known to locals as "The Hood" is a deceiving neighborhood. Under the surface it is really Jarrettsvilles finest. It contains elements native only to Jarrettsville. Some of which include an actual lock on some powerlines thrown there by some kids, a working lightswitch on a streetlight, and some kid and a funny Geo Metro. This certain Geo can be seen cruising around the hood 24/7, crashing through things and breaking stop signs throughout Jarrettsville.
Man, Jarrettsville is such a shitty place.
-Yeah, I couldnt never agree more.
Have you seen "The Hood" recently?
-Yeah, some annoying little shits broke the stop sign in it.
Man, Jarrettsville sucks.
by Mr. Reed May 10, 2005
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Jarrettsville-A diminutive town located in rural Harford County, Maryland, consisting of a few small neighborhoods and businesses

(Locals sometimes shorten Jarrettsville to J-Ville in verbal or written conversations)

Jarrettsville offers:

*1 local library
*1 elementary school
*1 police department

*1 volunteer fire department
*1 driving educational school
*1 liquor store
*1 Dry-Cleaning Service
*1 DVD/movie Rental
*1 Eat-in Restaurant

*3 dinner carry-out/delivery businesses
*1 Lutheran Church/Day Care Center
*1 Hardware Store

*3 automobile services
*2 gas stations
*1 center of Dentistry
*1 snowball stand
*Jarrettsville recreational fields
*Annual Jarrettsville Carnival

...that's about it.

Jarrettsville is also located in a portion of Rocks State Park, a forested area featuring many scenic trails for recreational purposes.

Before moving to Jarrettsville, one must be aware of the following:

*Jarrettsville is known for its OCD inhabitants who have an annoying habit of measuring their neighbor's grass
*Jarrettsville is known for its inhabitants who like to seek out zoning code violations on other properties

*Jarrettsville is known for its juveniles who enjoy damaging mailboxes and street signs

*In Jarrettsville, there lies the "The Hood"-make sure your kids stay away from it or you may be forced to give them the "Say No To Drugs" and "The Birds & The Bees" lecture again...
Jarrettsville is the place where dreamers remain dreamers.
by Mr. Anonymous Coward May 10, 2009
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the most popular and only things in it are smith hardware, mama marias,keene dodge, north harford high, and the north harford liquor store.
bob-well i just went up got my saw sharpened, got my new dodge pick`em up truck, picked up lil old jr in it, stopped by and got some beer.
jimbo-must have been fun
bob-i reck`n
by daniel April 08, 2005
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