Jarle Aase, the Norwegian writer of WarFTPd, one of the most popular freeware FTP daemons for Windows. He's also openly gay and is anti-government.
Jarle got arrested a few times back in the days....
by shgraider August 24, 2011
Top Definition
An irresistible sports player. Very large in stature and very athletic. Handsome and sweet with a very short temper. Will never read the instructions and is incapable of ordering pizza. However, his swagger makes him completely captivating.
I love you Jarle.
by LiLi21 February 04, 2010
A person who allways hides away from his friends, pretending not to read to read for an exam. A part of his behavoir is to hide old exams from studygroup/friends and to denie all action of preppering for exams. Often located at wierd plasses or hideouts, suspiciously looking around.. scared to get caught.
Fuck Fredrik assed the exam yesterday... his been taking a jarle this semester.
by powermik January 18, 2011
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