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a very unique way of spelling the name "Jerry" for girls. Extremely rare spelling seeing as they're are only 5 people in with this spelling.
Subsitute teacher: is jerry here?
girl: it's JARI.

names weird Jari jerry jeri
by theIncredibleSinkingDuck May 29, 2011
(yah-ree) n. Another name for movies that don't incorporate desirable hollywood elements, and instead rely on excessive blood and gore, pointless nudity, confusing storylines, campy dialogue, and unknown actors. Usually known to be horror, and often have "Zombies," "Vampires," "Madness," or "from Hell" in the title.

Synonymous with Grindhouse. Derived from a resident of Lake Jackson who is known to own shelves of these.
Guy 1: "Hey, come on over! We're watching 'Motocross Zombies from Hell!'"

Guy 2: "Oh, no, not another Jari..."
by Khaos D. July 21, 2008
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