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The act of cumming and taking an explosive dump at the same time
Shit John! You Jarged all over the place!
by TimBonamo July 28, 2008
17 94
fake,unauthentic, shit, not very good. heavily popularised during the early-mid nineties in the liverpool and surrounding areas
your coat is jarg. you must have got that off the market.
by barry bouffante December 07, 2004
350 137
Gay Pirate Sex.
After a long hard day of sailing & plundering booty, there's nothing like some good ol' Jargging below the deck.
by csmman December 31, 2011
6 25
totally awesome, spesh, gorg, or rad. Also can be used to mean anything good. Best when used with -ilicious, -acious, or -ful. Also an onomonopeia...
Creepy men are totally un jargacious!
by Emily and Meghan August 05, 2007
12 113