A guy who has it all. Great personality, wity, charming, incredible looks and smart. Perfect compassionate lover with the know how to make you feel your best. Has an ego burried deep inside. Very sensitive and doesnt know just how great he is. Always thinking he is not enough. Bashful at first but once you get to know him, he turns into the coolest and funniest person you will ever meet. Can be very jealous but extremly cute when he is. The most perfect, wanted, and needed guy.
I miss my Jared dodd.
by his.girl93 May 07, 2013
Slang for a child molester. Came from Jared Fogle, that subway guy who ended up being a pedophile.
"Hey man, did you hear about that dude?"
"Yeah dude, he was a Jared."
by georgiasmalls April 20, 2016
A metrosexual with great taste for women.
Someone who people crave the feeling of his pork sword in their mouth.
A stubborn, family orientated individual who can manipulate to fit his own agenda with ease, and no remorse.
Someone who relishes in the darkness and finds great comfort in it.
Oh s***! We're dealing with a Jared.

My hero is a complete Jared, no doubt about it.

The only type of guys I'm interested in are Jared', the rest are a##holes.

*Sigh* Why can't there be more Jared'!
by Dr J Edwards October 21, 2014
A two timing jerk who will never own up to his mistakes.
A liar
A player
Not worth anyone's time.
Probably one of the most immature guys alive.
Addicted to porn and treats women like they're disposable objects that should do his will.
Whines all day about his stupid not-problems.
Don't even think for a second he'll do anything that be promises.
King of nothing except cancelling plans and asking for nudes.

Small. Finishes in two seconds.
A terrible person with no skills when it comes to giving a woman an orgasm.
Dude: Have you talked to Jared?

Girl: No. Maybe when he decides to grow some balls and figures out what it's like to be a real man.

Jared: I tried to text you last night
Girl: Yeah? No, you didn't

P.S. F*ck you.
by ExamineWHATyouTOLERATE May 18, 2016
Sexy love; Hottie, I Love him SSOOO much.
I Love You Jared Lemoine, you are the most amazing person ive ever met.
by Towee March 01, 2007
"That guy" see definition of that guy
He went to Jarred's, yep "he's that guy" or dude why did you bang Jim's mom, your such a Jared!
by Yomamajohn March 18, 2015
A guy who is a real dick head and has nothing going for him in life except to fuck with girls feelings. Also known as the biggest fuckboi around.
Jared is an asshole.
by Maddiebutnotreallyfuckyoujared March 12, 2016
The almighty homosexual
Kids get inside! Jared is cumming!
by Turkey Jerky Tom April 13, 2015
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