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A name given to someone who is played. One who wears their heart on their sleeve leaving them prime for being taken. A person who can be easily taken advantage of. Someone who will place trust and belief in someone and not think twice about it regardless of reputation. A person who can be lied to and manipulated repeatedly. An extremely gullible human being.
Kris; "So you told him you stayed home last night and he believed you?"
Frannie; "Hook, line and sinker!"
Kris; "And he has no idea you were bouncing on another guy last night?"
Frannie; "Nope. He is such a Jare."
by EpicFail10 September 17, 2012
A kick or punch to the genitals.

More specifically, this is the alternative to a dare in the game Truth or Dare. If one takes the dare and decides after having heard the dare that they don't want to do it, that person must then accept the Jare.

Also referred to as "Dick Kick" or "Poon Punch."
Billy: I dare you to lick the rim of the toilet bowl.

Timmy: Hell no! I'm not doing that, it's disgusting!

by atomicrebirth August 20, 2008
a team of people that can do what most cant.
the team qualijare pulled off the trick
by Jared November 21, 2003

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