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The name of a family infamous for its corruption. They are concentrated in California, Florida, and Michigan. Those who are not part of this family usually will not realize their corruption, as they are usually very good at covering up their true personalities. The members of this family rarely like each other, and even spouses hate each other and are quick to fight. Women who tend to marry into this family usually are irrational and cannot stop verbally fighting, while the men born of this family love physically abusing other members. The women born of this family (if by some rare chance they do not commit suicide) usually disconnect themselves and marry into a much better life and will be wonderful wives, the type of wives married men tend to dream of and think do not exist (also known as the biblical wife).

If you run into a woman born of this family, it is recommended that you befriend her as she needs the support. However, take caution and avoid the rest of her family.
Oh, she's probably not doing well because she's in a bad family. I think she's a Jarchow.
by HarryGarrison November 04, 2009
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